Dyno Tuning
We offer dyno tuning on H.D.cycles and custom V-twins.
Specializing in the majority of preformance tuners,
we tend to shy away from H.D. tuning devices due to lack of factory support.
For stage 1 builds, the add-on fuel tuners are adequate
These include powercommander and the daytona twintech offerings.
We will work with the simple 3 or 4 pot style tuners, but only in a mild stage 1 style engine.
For  the bigger builds, a more complex tuner is required.
These include TTS Mastertune, and Power Commander power vision.
We tune each bike to meet individual customer needs, such as fuel mileage or hot rod style performance tunes.
ECM replacement tuners such as thundermax and daytona twintech selftuners, are also a great option.
We will dyno test and tune other brands of bikes if we feel we can do so properly.
Services We Offer
We offer full maintenance services at intervals reccomended by H.D.
We mount and balnce tires,and service wheels as needed.
Our tire equipment will not damage rims,and tires are spun balanced.
All chassis componets serviced .including modifing bike heights if practicle.
Complete engine, transmission, and drivetrain rebuilds.
Chrome accessories, or aftermarket custom parts installed.
Note: we do not do any paint or body work but have access to local qualified professionals.
Older Bikes Rebuilt Or Restored
We work on bikes from knuckleheads to shovels in the older bike categories.
We work on evos and twincams also but still consider them as newer styles.
Restorations are done ,but be aware they can be very time consuming and costly ,depending on level.
Rust removel ,using non acid based chemicals and ultrasonic cleaning available.
Original parts ,customer supplied can be used if desired,with approvel.
There is no need to be denied service by dealers,as we enjoy working on the older cycles.
High Performance Work
This is our favorite work we perform as it is always customized to each individual.
We do porting,modifications, valve guides, valve seats
From H.D. castings to the aftermarket ,we will recommend your best options.
We can cut and measure the cc's of your heads to provide compression desired..
Compresion releases machined,along with angled combustion chambers.
Cylinder boring on Van Norman boring bar.
Cylinder finish honing with torque plates on Sunnen hone.
Crancase spigots bored for big bore cylinders.
Flywheel and rod rebuilding on evo and earlier engines.
Carburetors modified for high performance,including thunderjet installations.
Exhaust systems matched to engine builds from dyno experience.
Computer engine and componets simulation for each customers needs.
From mild street,to hot street,and drag appluications,we can help you.
Please feel free to talk to us about your needs,then we can provide pricing.
M&C CYCLE 989-269-7141
More to come.

Lodge & Shipely lathe,works great
No chinese junk.